BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterNaturalCompare: implement using locale kitAdrien Destugues71 min.
r1alpha1Add the Tracker add-ons directory to the mimeset list to enable Zip-O-Matic outMichael Lotz8 years
r1alpha2Enabling HAIKU_OFFICIAL_RELEASE.Ingo Weinhold7 years
r1alpha3* Reverted accidental commit to the wrong branch.Axel Dörfler6 years
r1alpha4R1A4.1: Update image file namesAlexander von Gluck IV5 years
hrev51188commit 3ec7701779...Adrien Destugues71 min.
hrev51187commit 2b204c565c...Adrien Destugues6 hours
hrev51186commit affb4e25fe...Augustin Cavalier21 hours
hrev51185commit e8ded73c85...Adrien Destugues21 hours
hrev51184commit 17286dc70a...Joseph C, Hill44 hours
hrev51183commit 2f0ca6974e...Alexander von Gluck IV3 days
hrev51182commit 6af29d4f83...Augustin Cavalier3 days
hrev51181commit f943fa465c...Andrew Lindesay3 days
hrev51180commit ec6735b596...Akshay Agarwal3 days
hrev51179commit 7ce3cbfbe8...Rahul Jain4 days
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
71 min.NaturalCompare: implement using locale kitHEADhrev51188masterAdrien Destugues4-123/+175
6 hoursRemove deprecated BCollatorAddOn and implementations.hrev51187Adrien Destugues5-428/+1
6 hoursRework BCollator APIAdrien Destugues4-97/+68
21 hoursruntime_loader: Remove EXEMODE hack.hrev51186Augustin Cavalier1-3/+0
21 hoursRestore PLL limits for old 85x devices.hrev51185Adrien Destugues1-3/+3
44 hourspthread.h: Add PTHREAD_RWLOCK_INITIALIZER macro.hrev51184Joseph C, Hill1-0/+2
3 daysanyboot: Add EFI partition supporthrev51183Alexander von Gluck IV2-78/+196
3 daysruntime_loader: Ensure EXEMODE is set.hrev51182Augustin Cavalier1-0/+3
3 daysmultiuser: login process should call setuid() and setgid().James Woodcock1-0/+6
3 dayskernel/fs: Fix permissions on symlinks in root directory.James Woodcock1-2/+2