BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterrust (x86_64): updated with working cargo.Jessica Hamilton0 min.
r1alpha1Add the Tracker add-ons directory to the mimeset list to enable Zip-O-Matic outMichael Lotz8 years
r1alpha2Enabling HAIKU_OFFICIAL_RELEASE.Ingo Weinhold7 years
r1alpha3* Reverted accidental commit to the wrong branch.Axel Dörfler6 years
r1alpha4R1A4.1: Update image file namesAlexander von Gluck IV5 years
hrev51430commit 916d4f5d75...Jessica Hamilton0 min.
hrev51429commit 8c02ae937f...Automatic Committer20 hours
hrev51428commit 9dc7875818...Akshay Agarwal5 days
hrev51427commit 958b7451be...autonielx6 days
hrev51426commit 2976cf85a4...Jérôme Duval6 days
hrev51425commit 938fd26fbb...John Scipione7 days
hrev51424commit d3499f24a7...Automatic Committer8 days
hrev51423commit cdf821eb2a...Rene Gollent8 days
hrev51422commit 032a3f45f7...John Scipione8 days
hrev51421commit 6d7890478b...John Scipione8 days
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
0 min.rust (x86_64): updated with working cargo.HEADhrev51430masterJessica Hamilton1-2/+2
20 hoursUpdate pci.ids from pciids.sourceforge.nethrev51429Automatic Committer1-11/+49
5 daysTime Preferences: Update CalendarView day name header on locale preferences c...hrev51428Akshay Agarwal3-0/+15
5 daysBDateFormat: Properly map day values to ICU day-of-week.Akshay Agarwal2-1/+10
6 daysUpdate translations from Pootlehrev51427autonielx14-168/+133
6 make first parameter of dladdr() const.hrev51426Jérôme Duval2-2/+2
7 daysFix infinite loop bug, take 2hrev51425John Scipione1-6/+8
7 daysRevert "Revert "Deskbar: eliminate infinite loop bug""John Scipione3-1/+10
8 daysUpdate usb.ids from www.linux-usb.orghrev51424Automatic Committer1-2/+5
8 daysDebugger: Fix #13710.hrev51423Rene Gollent1-1/+11