BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masteropenjpeg: update to fix libpng dependencyAdrien Destugues9 hours
r1alpha1Add the Tracker add-ons directory to the mimeset list to enable Zip-O-Matic outMichael Lotz8 years
r1alpha2Enabling HAIKU_OFFICIAL_RELEASE.Ingo Weinhold7 years
r1alpha3* Reverted accidental commit to the wrong branch.Axel Dörfler6 years
r1alpha4R1A4.1: Update image file namesAlexander von Gluck IV4 years
hrev51043commit 7099f6549c...Adrien Destugues9 hours
hrev51042commit 471813967b...Adrien Destugues10 hours
hrev51041commit a4834579f8...Adrien Destugues28 hours
hrev51040commit f1361497b0...Fredrik Holmqvist29 hours
hrev51039commit 3bbff30d9e...Fredrik Holmqvist30 hours
hrev51038commit be9a70562e...Thorsten „mirabilos“ Glaser32 hours
hrev51037commit 2616691f31...Adrien Destugues33 hours
hrev51036commit f1a552cad9...autonielx37 hours
hrev51035commit ff4dee1caf...Axel Dörfler2 days
hrev51034commit a652a5fed3...Brian Hill5 days
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
9 hoursopenjpeg: update to fix libpng dependencyHEADhrev51043masterAdrien Destugues1-2/+2
10 hoursUpdate ca_root_certificateshrev51042Adrien Destugues1-1/+1
28 hoursAdd test for BNetworkAddress::Equalshrev51041Adrien Destugues2-2/+23
29 hoursRevert min / max change and set timeout_t nice wayhrev51040Fredrik Holmqvist1-2/+2
30 hoursDHCP initial timeout 0.25s from 4shrev51039Fredrik Holmqvist2-59/+68
32 hoursMake /etc/profile compatible with non-bash shells again.hrev51038Thorsten „mirabilos“ Glaser1-4/+17
33 hoursAdd tnftp package for x86_gcc2.hrev51037Adrien Destugues1-0/+2
37 hoursUpdate translations from Pootlehrev51036autonielx1-1/+1
2 daysBView/BBox: Fixed FrameResized() handling.hrev51035Axel Dörfler2-9/+8
5 daysReorder fallback fonts. Fixes #13389hrev51034Brian Hill1-1/+1