BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterbtrfs_shell: remove BEOS_COMPATIBLE as Haiku doesn't support anymorehyche46 hours
r1alpha1Add the Tracker add-ons directory to the mimeset list to enable Zip-O-Matic outMichael Lotz8 years
r1alpha2Enabling HAIKU_OFFICIAL_RELEASE.Ingo Weinhold7 years
r1alpha3* Reverted accidental commit to the wrong branch.Axel Dörfler6 years
r1alpha4R1A4.1: Update image file namesAlexander von Gluck IV5 years
hrev51308commit 0c2d2d7f0f...hyche46 hours
hrev51307commit 548a0d80a0...hyche3 days
hrev51306commit dbad909b4e...Jérôme Duval3 days
hrev51305commit 13dbf47109...Jérôme Duval3 days
hrev51304commit 11384b58ba...Augustin Cavalier3 days
hrev51303commit 0b6c89fb16...Jérôme Duval4 days
hrev51302commit 037ea84ba5...Adrien Destugues4 days
hrev51301commit b7cc4ccde6...Adrien Destugues4 days
hrev51300commit 0597752447...Adrien Destugues4 days
hrev51299commit 1416521f10...Adrien Destugues4 days
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
46 hoursbtrfs_shell: remove BEOS_COMPATIBLE as Haiku doesn't support anymoreHEADhrev51308masterhyche1-5/+2
46 hoursBTRFS: Some modifications of BTree _Findhyche2-21/+25
46 hoursBTRFS: Added retrieve Volume from BTreehyche2-8/+12
46 hoursBTRFS: Added more flags and key typeshyche1-5/+21
46 hoursBTRFS: Added more on-disk data structureshyche1-1/+110
46 hoursbtrfs_shell: Support AVLTreehyche4-14/+33
46 hoursBTRFS: Added logical address (root) for BTreehyche2-1/+4
2 daysbtrfs_shell: Added cat commandhyche4-0/+102
3 daysBTRFS: rename BNode and BPathhrev51307hyche2-69/+74
3 daysBTRFS: Some modifications for Volume.cpphyche1-26/+7